Conditions Treated

Pelvic Floor disorders

The pelvic floor is a dome-shaped muscular sheet separating the pelvic cavity above from the perineal region below. This cavity encloses the pelvic viscera - bladder, intestines, and uterus (in females). The main functions of the pelvic floor muscles are, to support the abdominal and pelvic viscera, to maintain the continence of urine and faeces, voiding, defaecation, sexual activity, and childbirth.

Apart from rehabilitation after pelvic floor surgeries, the following are the other pelvic floor specific problems JOGO therapy offers solution to

  • Incontinence – urine and or faeces

  • Overactive bladder

  • Voiding dysfunction

  • Pelvic organ prolapses

  • Pelvic pain

  • Post coital pain

  • Vaginismus

  • Prostate pain

  • ED

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JOGO Therapeutic offers a better outcome than status-quo therapies as it addresses the root cause of the problem which is usually a weak pelvic floor muscle(hypotonic), hypertonic pelvic floor muscle, loss of synergy between bladder muscle and spinchter, etc.[Uma can expand this list]

Neuro muscular problems

Neuro rehabilitation and therapies for neuro muscular rehabilitation is one major area of interest for us at JOGO Health. The fundamental concept of JOGO therapy lies in neural plasticity, and it is in this arenawe have developed path breaking rehab protocols, delivering remarkable outcomes in a relatively lesser timeframe than in the conventional methods.

We have established JOGO therapy protocols for

  • Post Stroke rehab

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Bell’s palsy

  • Focal Dystonia

  • Foot Drop

JOGO Therapeutic rebuilds neural connectivity between neuronal areas responsible for movement and control, in effect re-educating the brain for proper control and synergy. JOGO Therapeutic works injunction with Botox treatment for spasticity, to improve overall outcome for patients.

Cardio respiratory services

India is the capital of cardiac related problems and it is in the sub-continent we see the maximum number of surgeries happening. Cardio rehabilitation is vital for the individual as well as the nation at large, as it enables us to maintain the workforce in its best productive shape. The key to success lies in precision and speed, and JOGO therapy believes in providing just that.

The prevalence of respiratory problems, in a highly populated nation like India has always been, an area of concern. The ever increasing cases of COPD, asthma, and bronchitis owing to atmospheric pollution and rampant usage of tobacco among the public are not the only few areas to focus.

The lingering-COVID problem

The sudden onset of Coronavirus pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box in this realm with residual effects of the COVID-19 severely comprising the respiratory wellness of patients. Evidence from previous CoVoutbreaks demonstrates impaired pulmonary and physical function, reduced quality of life and emotional distress.

JOGO health has designed and developed specific and efficient rehabilitation routines to address respiratory wellness in general and has also come up with sophisticated programs for rescuing ones pulmonary function from the post COVID sequelae.

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Chronic Pain

All the sufferings of every patient that ever has been can summed up and measured with this single term. Pain is not just the proof of our suffering, it is also the proof of our very existence. However, it is essential to tame and alleviate pain wherever it proves to be an element of restriction to our daily lives and dreams.

JOGO health has studied the factor of pain extensively and over several years of experience in handling pain has developed procedures that provides faster and lasting relief.

JOGO Therapeutic for Chronic Pain has two components – 1) patient education that covers underpinnings of pain mechanism that increases awareness. This is a key pre-requisite for effectively addressing pain. 2) administration of JOGO Therapeutic to reduce muscle tension and neural sensitivity. With a well structured program covering these two aspects, it is possible to alleviate chronic pain altogether.