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Analyzing Scans

JOGO virtual rehab helps providers save on bundle payments for Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR)  and Care of Acute Stroke

Studies show that over 65% of patients with post joint replacement surgeries, post-acute stroke, and spinal cord injuries do not fully recover with standard in/outpatient rehab, resulting in hospital re-admissions and ER visits, primarily due to non-compliance, travel limitations to rehab facilities, and shortcomings in current treatment protocols.

Post joint replacement rehab

65% patients who receive joint replacement struggle to get proper rehab due to travel, work schedule, and access, resulting in hospital readmission.


JOGO remote rehab for post-op joint  replacement reduces hospital readmission rates, helping providers with value based contracting.

Stroke rehab

JOGO tech-enabled virtual rehab helps hospitals save money on post-stroke rehab, helping value based contracting.


Read the peer- reviewed study here.

What Our Patients Say


Scott Walker, Atlanta, GA

I had a stroke which left my left side fully paralyzed. JOGO virtual rehab helped me fully recover in the comfort of my own home after the initial rehab failed. I am now able to walk, my range of motion improved dramatically, I am now able to open a water bottle and even drive a car.

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