therapeutics for
neuro-muscular conditions



JOGO  helps healthy brain cells rewire to work with muscles that have become inactive due to stroke and other neuro-muscular conditions.  JOGO is a Tele-Rehab based prescription digital therapeutic product composed of wearable wireless s/EMG  sensors, and a patent protected Mobile App that provide treatment protocols and games that can be adapted for  muscle relaxation, movement coordination, and neuro-muscular re-education, all leveraging neural plasticity. Patients receive a kit shipped home and the treatment is provided via Telemedicine.

Pathways between two neurons get damaged for patients with neuro-muscular conditions

Exercising with JOGO triggers neural plasticity – development of new pathways between neurons

Brain creates new pathways to work with inactive muscles or addressing pain

JOGO's scientifically proven technique, commonly referred as EMG-biofeedback,  had historically been tried with large probes and machines, which was extremely costly and difficult to use, resulting in very low patient adherence and outcome. JOGO's gamification-based approach is embarking on a journey to unleash the power of EMG biofeedback to improve patient adherence resulting in better outcome.

Our Story

​Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. Every year, worldwide, more than 15 million people have a stroke, 795,000 people in the United States alone. 3 in 1000 children are born with cerebral-palsy.  35% of adult women and 75% of Multiple Sclerosis patients have stress urinary incontinence(SUI). Although the benefits of EMG biofeedback have been studied in academic research for more than 30 years to treat the root cause of these conditions, it was rarely tested in a rigorous clinical setting required to make it a digital therapeutic option for medical professionals to prescribe to patients. With nine years of tireless research and testing, we have created JOGO as a potential prescription digital therapy. In 2019, JOGO received the patent for the innovation from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The word "jogo" means “game” in Portuguese and is also our tribute to the pioneering work of Dr. Joe Brudny and Dr. Gordon Silverman in the field of EMG biofeedback. JOGO is the creation of entrepreneurs, product design specialists, technology enthusiasts, physical therapy professionals, physiatrists, data scientists, and game designers who have re-imagined EMG Biofeedback for the era of prescription digital therapeutics. 

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JOGO-Gx is FDA 510 (K) Exempt. FDA registration number.: 3016735640.

FDA Owner Operator Number: 10069814

US Group National Provider Number (NPI) 1013537349